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Current Commands:

sh!help      : Shows help for commands
sh!kill      : Be an assassin
sh!choose    : Picks randomly between multiple choices
sh!something : Random Stuff
sh!zouss     : Zouss City
sh!echo      : Echoes whatever you say
sh!ping      : Useful for testing Internet speed
sh!kick      : For getting rid of annoyances
sh!hex       : Picks a random hex color
sh!google    : Searches the web (or images if typed first)
sh!lmgtfy    : Let me Google that for you
sh!emojify   : For when plain text just is not enough
sh!dice      : Leave it to luck
sh!egg       : For those free range fellas
sh!clone     : Clone your words - like echo
sh!skin      : Downloads Minecraft skins
sh!yt        : Searches for YouTube videos


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Information about ShrekBot

ShrekBot was made this year as a fun hobby, but has grown into a large well featured bot! :smiley: